Zero Gun Violence Movement

Community Safety

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What is the Zero Gun Violence Movement (ZGVM)?

The Zero Gun Violence Movement (ZGVM) is a grassroots community organization in Toronto that works to reduce gun violence in the city through a combination of education, awareness raising, and advocacy efforts. ZGVM is a collaboration of community organizations, residents, and families who have been affected by gun violence, and its goal is to create a safe and peaceful environment for all members of the community.

Some of the activities the organization undertakes include: organizing rallies and marches, advocacy for community-based violence intervention programs, social media campaigns and more. The focus is on providing support for the community members who have been affected by gun violence, advocating for more resources to be directed toward addressing the issue, and educating the public about the causes and effects of gun violenc

What are Some of the Policies Advocated by ZGVM?

Some examples of the types of policies that ZGVM might put forward include:

  • Increased funding for community-based violence intervention programs: ZGVM may advocate for more resources to be directed toward programs that aim to prevent gun violence before it occurs by addressing the underlying social and economic factors that contribute to it. These programs could include mentoring, youth development, and job training initiatives.
  • Tougher gun control laws: ZGV may support stricter laws that make it harder for individuals to obtain guns, such as stricter background checks or increased regulations on the sale and possession of firearms.
  • Community-based policing: ZGV may advocate for a shift away from traditional policing models and towards a more community-based approach that emphasizes building relationships between police and community members, and that also involves community members in problem-solving and decision-making related to public safety.
  • Improving economic and social conditions in at-risk communities: ZGV may argue that addressing poverty, unemployment, and other social and economic issues that disproportionately affect marginalized communities is key to reducing gun violence in those areas.
  • Support for gun violence survivors and families: ZGV may advocate for more resources to be directed toward providing support and assistance to survivors of gun violence and their families, including counseling and other mental health services, as well as financial assistance and other forms of support.

While this list is not definitive, organizations policies and goals may change over time.

What are some of the Criticisms of the City of Toronto’s response to Gun Violence?

John Tory, the current mayor of Toronto, has implemented a number of policies aimed at reducing gun violence in the city. Some criticisms that have been leveled against these policies include:

  • Insufficient funding for community programs: Some critics argue that the city’s funding for community-based violence intervention programs is inadequate, and that more resources are needed to address the root causes of gun violence.
  • Emphasis on enforcement over prevention: Some critics have argued that Mayor Tory’s policies focus too heavily on enforcement measures, such as increased police presence, and do not do enough to address the underlying social and economic factors that contribute to gun violence.
  • Lack of transparency: Some critics have raised concerns about the lack of transparency surrounding the data and strategies being used to combat gun violence in the city, which makes it difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of these policies.
  • Use of technology surveillance: Some critics have raised concerns over the usage of surveillance technologies, such as ShotSpotter that have been implemented to combat gun violence, they believe it would give rise to privacy concerns and disproportionately affect marginalized communities.

It is worth mentioning that policies and views of John Tory on gun violence can change over time, and the criticisms listed above may not necessarily reflect his current views or policies on the matter. Also, it is important to note that effective policy measures for reducing gun violence is a complex and multifaceted problem and not all criticisms are always mutually exclusive.