Christopher Balkaran

Christopher Balkaran is an explorer of the world’s issues and has a knack for building rapport with some of the most reputable thought-leaders on any given topic.

Raised in Scarborough, a suburb outside Toronto, Christopher went on to study Public Policy at Carleton University. He spent a few years in consulting and later with the Public Sector.

Christopher was immediately drawn to Podcasts, but noticed a gap: most Podcasts were reinforcing the host’s own ideas and perspectives. And for some, the Podcasts were trying to convince the listener of a viewpoint. What if there was a Podcast that was truly exploratory?

Uncovering New Views

Originally titled “The Strong and Free Podcast”,  Christopher published his first Podcast episode on November 15, 2018. He delved into the most pressing topics inviting guests from a wide range of backgrounds to learn more about their ideas. This kicked off a deep understanding of human behaviour: the more Christopher understood a person and organization, the greater the vast expanse and complexity of these issues began to sink in.

Today, Christopher has had compelling guests including Stamford Professor Jon Krosnick, Judith Curry, Former Senator Hugh Segal and Cliff Douglas, former advisor to the Obama Administration on Tobacco Policy to name a few.

Christopher one day plans to do live events, which will bring these engaging conversations to as many people as possible.